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A member of Emmaus-Group

Communications Communications

Strategy development

Communication planning is the first important step that not only determines up to 90% success of a campaign but also restricts crises for the brand. Therefore, before starting a campaign, MIBS experts always start by understanding the needs of the brand and the market to be able to establish a suitable communications strategy for each brand at different times. This will help the brand easily conquer its set goals and optimize costs by minimizing problems that arise during the implementation process.

Creative concepting

What helps consumer remember brands in the context of rapidly changing media speeds? It can only be creative ideas through campaigns for brands to make a prominence on consumers. With more than 10 years of experience creating ideas for campaigns, MIBS has helped brands create a unique, immiscible position when appearing with thousands of other brands. Nowadays, because of a media explosion, creative ideas will have even more strictly requirement, but this does not cause difficulties for MIBS's creative experts. Because we always update new creative trends daily to ensure we can make a difference & increase brand influence.

Content Production

How to turn a reader into a customer? MIBS has experiences specializing in consulting and producing high-quality content in multiple formats and fields on multiple platforms to help brands convey content that meets the psychology and needs of users. In addition, MIBS also leverages the strengths of experience and vision of experts in each industry group to ensure effective content production consulting for the right consumers within budget. of customers.

Social media

Social networks are considered an indispensable communication channel for bran. Users can interact with brand information quickly and directly wherever they are. With experiences implementing social media campaigns, experts at MIBS will help brands eliminate many trials and optimize costs. Especially with its strength in content creation, MIBS can propose short and long-term plans with specific action plans to help brands quickly achieve their goals.


There is database of 1.000+ influencers including mega, macro, micro, and nano across multi-channel social platforms. Our influencers strategy is incorporated into the consumer journey, which helps build trust, develop brand awareness, and increase your sales opportunities. Regardless of your budget and objectives, we can identify RIGHT influencers for the right job

Media relation

Building a relation-ship with journalism will help limit negative information that affects the brand. By cooperating with MIBS, brands will be connected and advised by experts on positive messages for the brand. MIBS activities provide to the brand such as: creating press releases, organizing events, and sending letters and emails to the media…. From the above activities, the brand will reach the media, market activities, and strengthen brand image recognition to media agencies.

Crisis management

Brands must be ready to face potential risks in the business life. Sometime people do not know where it come from. Moreover, there some risks will become crisis. Therefore, brands need to always be wise and alert to information about the brand in the market. Join MIBS experts in programming a system to prevent, respond, and protect your brand before and during a crisis. In particular, it is necessary to have a plan to respond to and handle media crises. To ensure the brand can weather the "storm" safely.